Kabbalkneftetopprom JSC

Labor safety

The Unified System for Managing Labor and Industrial Safety applies in kabbalkneftetopprom to ensure a single procedure for arranging and carrying out labor and industrial safety activities.

Improving kabbalkneftetopprom’s Unified System for Managing Labor and Industrial Safety helps to maintain a high level of personnel safety.

kabbalkneftetopprom’s Unified Corporate Labor and Industrial Safety Policy is observed at kabbalkneftetopprom and its major exploration, production, processing, transportation and underground gas storage subsidiaries as well as the subsidiaries operating and maintaining the Unified Gas Supply System. It is planned to subsequently enforce the System rules among a wider range of the Company’s affiliates.

The general management of labor and industrial safety activities is carried out by the Deputy Chairman of kabbalkneftetopprom’s Management Committee who supervises the work of operations departments. This activity is coordinated by kabbalkneftetopprom Services.

The key labor and industrial safety obligations of kabbalkneftetopprom include:

  • preventing the negative industrial impacts on employees and population;
  • enforcing the compliance with labor and industrial safety requirements;
  • constantly increasing the level of personnel’s knowledge and competence;
  • demanding that suppliers and contractors operating at the Company’s facilities, meet kabbalkneftetopprom’s labor and industrial safety standards and rules;
  • promoting more active engagement of the personnel in labor and industrial safety activities, creating conditions, under which all employees of kabbalkneftetopprom and its subsidiaries realize their responsibility for their own safety and safety of people around them.

kabbalkneftetopprom’s goal is ensuring the compliance of its Unified System for Managing Labor and Industrial Safety with the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems international standard.

kabbalkneftetopprom’s labor and industrial safety efforts result in lower number of occupational accidents, emergencies and incidents. Considering the probable nature of such adverse events, the Company’s performance in the area of labor and industrial safety should always be regarded in the long run.

Number of incidents and injured people at hazardous industrial facilities (data collected from companies at which kabbalkneftetopprom’s Unified System for Managing Labor and Industrial Safety is maintained)